Sep 14 2007

Crunchy Shrimp Roll from Sushi Day & Fresh Corn Salad from Taste and Tell

Ok, so I’m kind of cheating on my own rules… I’m going to be reviewing 2 recipes for Taste&Create. One from Sushi Day and the other from Taste and Tell. I wasn’t able to submit my event entry to Is My Blog Burning – the entry form just wouldn’t work and neither would the email address. So, I was left to “advertise” for myself. I was really hoping for a greater turn out, but this time around it’s just the 3 of us. But, we’ll be back for more next month! §Review of Sushi Day’s Crunchy Shrimp roll. After reading about how this is Allison’s favorite roll, I figured I couldn’t go wrong. That and that fact that it has tempura (fried) shrimp in it.The roll came out tasting excellent. The creamy avocado complemented the crunchy green onion and the very flavorful shrimp. However, I always have trouble rolling sushi with avocado. I need a lesson from the pros! I was just squishing it all over the place and it was complicating my rolling abilities. Maybe I need much thiner pieces next time?? No matter how messy, the delicious taste was worth the hassle.

I can definitely recommend this recipe to anyone you would like to try sushi for the first time and is afraid of raw fish, or to just anyone in general! Sushi Day also has great photo-instructions on how to roll maki sushi. Thanks Allison!

§Review of Taste and Tell’s Fresh Corn Salad.

Fresh Corn Salad

I didn’t have to search long to figure out what I was going to make from Deborah’s recipes! I got soooo excited when I saw her big bowl of corn salad! I’d never had corn as a salad, AND I had a whole bunch of ears left on the corn stalks in my community garden that needed to be “dealt with” quickly.

The salad was really easy to make – took no time at all! It was so light and refreshing; basil and corn, what a novel idea! My husband and I had some, and then decided to save the rest (it was so good!) for my birthday party this Sunday! It’s so hard to not just open up the Tupperware and steal some!

So, if you’re looking for something to do with loads of corn, or just looking for something new and refreshing, I definitely can recommend this to you! I’m planning on planting extra corn next year to be able to make this more than once!

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