Sep 07 2007

Tropical Maki from SushiDay

A long long time ago I came across this great blog with some even more enticing pictures! I book marked it, as we all do with so many of the delicious blogs we find out there, and kept going. In the mood for sushi one day, I looked through my dusty bookmarks to see what I could find. And, there was SushiDay waiting for me.

My husband thinks I’ve gone crazy. I have planned sushi for 5 days – I usually only make it once a season. But, I found so many interesting and easy-looking recipes, that I just had to try them all. So, this is the first in a set of 5 – well, kind of. I had planned on trying many of her rolls with unagi (eel), but my local Asian store does not carry any and I’m afraid I will not be able to find the time to go to my neighboring larger city and find some. I plan on substituting all the ugai with tempura shrimp to see what I come up with. I know it’s not the same, but what am I to do?

Anyways, you have to really check out SushiDay – especially if you are interested in making sushi at home, but don’t know where to start. She has very simple recipes with excellent explanations (pictures included).

The Tropical Maki Sushi came out excellent. I first tried it withoy shoyu (soy sauce), and I thought the pineapple was very over powering and needed to be tamed by something salty – like a piece of bacon. Then, I dipped it into some shoyu and that really brought all the flavors together in perfect harmony! A dabble of wasabi here and there also complements the rolls quite well.

I also learned something new about rolling sushi – the lip around the rice is VERY important! And, unlike my favorite sushi book explains, you don’t place the filling in the middle of the roll on the rice, you place it on the lip of nori in front of the rice. Between that and the large lip of nori at the other end my sushi stayed secure and never fell apart like it usually likes to.

I did, however, amend her sumeshi (sushi rice) recipe to contain no sugar since I ran out of fructose and the the next shipment will only arrive on Tuesday next week at my local store.
I’ll let you know how the other rolls come out. In the mean time, check out her her Tropical Maki recipe here!

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